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Exclusive | Authentic | Oceanfront | Waikiki

Hawaii’s Most Engaging Luau


Waikiki’s Only Oceanfront Luau

Standard $99 | VIP $159

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Immerse Yourself In The


Grab your ohana (family) by the hand and walk down the beach to the Waikiki Aquarium in the foothills of Diamond Head for a special evening of food, music, and Hawaiian Culture! At a maximum of 350 Guests, we are proud to be Oahu’s most exclusive luau, focusing on quality and customer interaction instead of a massive crowd. Enjoy a lei greeting, Mai Tai cocktails, hula lessons, basket weaving, lei making, Hawaiian tattoo and more before feasting on great tasting traditional and contemporary Hawaiian food.

Right as you’re starting to smell the Plumeria and realize that life can’t really get much better, the show begins and takes you on a fun journey through Polynesian Culture and Expression. We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our Hale (home), and sharing together an exciting evening on the oceanfront of Waikiki Beach!

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No Bus Rides or 2Hr Drives

Stroll To The Waikiki Aquarium & Enjoy The Best Night Ever

Standard $99 | VIP $159

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At the Diamond Head Luau, we create an exciting and authentic evening of Hawaiian & Polynesian food, experiences, and engaging activities for you and your guests to enjoy.

Diamond Head Lu’au is so great for families because of our focus on interactive, cultural activities like: hula lessons, lei making, weaving, ukulele lessons, tattoo, and more. It is this direct interaction with the culture that we find creates the best memories to complement the savory food and upbeat entertainment.

Tropical and classic cocktails, as well as virgin blended drinks are also available at the Diamond Head Luau.


In ancient Hawaii, it was customary to celebrate special occasions with ohana (family) and friends. We at Diamond Head Luau continue this tradition. Enjoy our menu of traditional Hawaiian favorites.

This is a savory traditional Hawaiian dish. The Imu (in-ground oven) cooked pork meat falls off the bone, and is typically very tender and moist, with a slightly salty, smoky flavor that is just delicious.
Shoyu Chicken is the Hawaiian recipe for Teriyaki Chicken. Flavored with a sophisticated blend of spices, this sweet and flavorful dish is cooked until tender and then roasted until brown. It’s like Chicken Candy!
With a crispy Panko batter, it’s hard to find better fish to fry than local Hawaiian fish. We serve ours with a local aioli dipping sauce.

Tender cubes of raw Ahi Tuna marinated with sea salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, limu, and a dash of magic to make this traditional dish one of your favorites.

A cold side dish in Hawaiian cuisine, it is a fresh tomato and salmon salad, prepared by mixing raw salted, diced salmon with tomatoes, sweet gentle Maui onions, green onion, and occasional flakes of red chili pepper.

Poi is the staple of the traditional Hawaiian diet. It is made from the corm of the taro plant by mashing the cooked taro until it is smooth. It is of purple color and slightly sweet.

A medley of Local Greens served with a Papaya Seed Dressing.

What can we say, it’s fresh, hot, steamed rice! Doesn’t have much flavor on its own… but it makes the Kalua Pork taste REALLY good!

Coconut Haupia – A traditional Hawaiiangelatinized coconut pudding, Chocolate Cake, and Fresh Pineapple.


Arrival Times: Please arrive by 5:15 p.m. Admission is at 5:30 p.m.

Cancellations must go through The Activity Hut. No cash surrender unless at least twenty-four (24) hours advance notice of cancellation is given. Cancellations received within a twenty-four (24) hour period are subject to the entire activity cost and processing fees. No same day cancellations will be accepted.

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CHILDREN: (4-12 YRS.) $69

  • Shell Lei Greeting
  • Welcome Mai Tai Cocktail
  • One (1) Drink Ticket
  • Hawaiian Cultural Activities
  • Standard Luau Seating
  • Hawaiian Luau Island Buffet
  • Aquarium Admission (During Luau Hours Only)
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ADULTS: $159
CHILDREN: (4-12 YRS.) $109

  • Flower Lei Greeting
  • Welcome Mai Tai Cocktail
  • Two (2) Drink Tickets
  • Hawaiian Cultural Activities
  • VIP Luau Seating
  • Hawaiian Luau Island Buffet W/ Table Service
  • Aquarium Admission (During Luau Hours Only)
  • Professional Souvenir Photo
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Simply Waikiki…


Set outdoors on the beautiful island of Oahu at the Waikiki Aquarium. Our Luau is conveniently located within walking distance to all the major attractions such as Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Beach and major hotels.


Enjoy the traditional songs & native chants of Hawaii & Polynesia. Watch breathtaking acrobatic fire dances and the unforgettable beauty & grace of Hula Auwana.


Immerse yourself in the authentic exotic flavors of the Pacific islands. Enjoy traditional style Hawaiian food while you take in the dramatic sights and sounds of Hawaii past & present.

“Paying extra for VIP was money well spent! VIP tickets entered the Luau first, so we had a little extra time to enjoy the activities, which were really fun for the whole family. Our waiter, Brent, was friendly and helpful. It was great having table service, and we had already received our food and were eating when they started calling tables for the buffet. I loved the show! The dancers were very good, and I enjoyed the personality during the show. It was funny in parts without crossing out of being family friendly. The fire dancers were amazing and something I looked for when looking into a Luau. They did not disappoint! Overall, it was a fun and memorable night for my family.”

Trip Advisor User: hhilge (Verified)

“I loved that the luau was an intimate experience. As part of the program, there was flower lei bracelet making, headband leaf weaving and demonstrations of hula implements that provided for kids or anyone to get one on one guidance/instruction. The performance/show was amazing – very entertaining and a lot of fun. The dancers were beautiful and I loved seeing the varied styles. There was a lot of interaction with the audience and as mentioned since it was on a more intimate level it was fantastic… a great opportunity to capture (video tape) loved ones learning the hula, etc. I came for the show and it did not disappoint! There was no pig roasting (it made no difference to me) but the food was great and it included the traditional pork.”

Trip Advisor User: karenc07601AL (Verified)

“The Diamond Head Luau was a beautiful and entertaining evening. Located near the Aquarium offered double the sights. We had a wonderful time! The music, dancers, food and location were top of the line! The hospitality of the island was second to none. Thanks.”

Trip Advisor User: rsen400226 (Verified)

“Food was varied and tasty. Dancers were excellent. We enjoyed the going around to the different stations too plait/braid palm frawns, make lei bracelets, etc. We also enjoyed the aquarium. What beautiful setting, right on the ocean. A huge bonus was its proximity to Waikiki. We ended up walking from our hotel (the Shoreline which we highly recommend). It was a beautiful stroll along the water front and much better than an hour ride on a bus through heavy traffic to reach the luaus on the other side of the island. While we had planned to take a cab back to our hotel, we decided to walk as it was a lovely evening and we felt perfectly safe. It was well lit and many people were out and about and the shops and restaurants across from the water from were still open.”

Trip Advisor User: 2017triciam (Verified)